True, violence will achieve nothing

Letters, Normal

Let me add to your editorial “Violence will achieve nothing” (Dec 29) regarding the e-mail by an anonymous writer urging people to get rid of Asian businesses in the country.
I totally agree with the reasons given as to “why such a nationwide hatred and anger could be directed at Asians and politicians. In addition, we have serious problems that need to be addressed before we start pointing fingers at the politicians or the Asians for that matter”.
Take a moment and close your eyes.
Just picture your local town or village in your community now; what are the young men and women doing?
Are they helping the elders in gardening, planting coffee, cocoa, coconut or fishing?
Are they going to church and learning basic principles of life, moral, dignity and respect for others?
Are they not engaged in tribal warfare?
Are the so-called educated elites not buying guns to support tribal fights?
Are we giving our politicians the privacy and freedom they need to think about work and not follow them like school of fish?
The list is endless.
If you answer no to any of these questions, then we are not ready to point fingers at the politicians or Asians.
We should be ashamed of ourselves for being lazy and allowing ourselves to engage in illegal means to rip others.
Be clear, I agree there are serious problems with the Government systems and the influx of Asians.
But if we want to win this war, we need to fight it clean with a new weapon; credible diplomacy.
I challenge the anonymous writer, whoever you are, please think right and don’t stir up the people’s emotions.
Look at issues from all angles and have a list of options.
Violence is not an option. – Kunanaku Yalstainde Via email