Truly the land of the unexpected

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

NOW that the political horse-trading is in full swing, we are truly seeing the unexpected.
Bitter rivals are shaking hands and enemies are teaming up.
How much more amusing can it be and will the grand coalition last?
Funnily enough, Belden Namah’s group is also invited to join.
Who then, will be in the opposition benches?
For a country to be democratic, there must always be a vibrant opposition to keep the government in check when it comes to policies and decisions that will affect the majority.
Whatever happens on the parliament floor now is anyone’s guess.
We anticipate good decisions by our elected leaders to choose the best person as prime minister.
Let us believe that we will see through the next five years without another political turmoil.

Seko Sisiwan
Port Moresby