Trust your government: Bais

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PAPUA New Guineans should trust their government as one that cares for them, a department secretary says.
Department of Community Development and Religion secretary Anna Bais said this at a meeting last week in Port Moresby between the department and Church representatives to discuss the introduction of a social protection system.
The two-day state-church partnership development council meeting facilitated information sharing sessions intended for churches to suggest ways to help the Government improve its social welfare policies.
The meeting also discussed ways to address violence in families and communities and poverty alleviation poverty through an inclusive approach, with churches being a major development partner captured in the PNG church-state-partnership programme policy 2021-2030.
Bais said the completion of the social protection policy would guide the Government on how to help all vulnerable and needy Papua New Guineans including the marginalised, the elderly, the people with disabilities and children.


  • Trust is a ‘waiting’ word. It will never come. Empower social entrepreneurship with this sector of NGOs, the churches to take the lead. They are the sector where people openly go for needs when they are affected. They are approachable and down to people organizations. Support more church run entrepreneurial activities in funding and resource injections. Certain portion of their earnings can be diverted to the needy like the elderly, the people with disabilities and children.

  • This brilliant foolish woman trusts her male political bosses because she gets all her big entitlements on time.
    Her health insurance pays for doctor visits and medications.
    The ordinary person struggling with school fees, health care and other services has their dignity enough to decide who they wish to trust.
    They do not need convincing by someone who does not face similar hardships.

  • With the abundance of natural resources in our country, the government should be able to take care of all our citizens especially the vulnerable.

  • Trust…what a cargo cult minded leader. Been so silent and just woke up from a very long her sleep. Government needs to replace her. She’s too much sleeping on the role.

  • The good secretary is just talking without thinking.
    How and who can I trust when there is a hell of a lot of stink and corruption in the public sector and government systems?

    What would be the basis for the people to trust the government?

    The government must start sending all corrupt politicians and public servants to jail to earn the people’s trust.

  • Secretary is just crazy.How can you expect trust and respect from ordinary people when you are too corrupt??????? We are NOT STUPID, BLIND and DEAF.This shows that you want to give praise to someone who had appointed you so that you still want to remain in position.

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