Trusting in God


IN the midst of challenges, when we have no one to turn to, when friends and relatives turn their backs on us, where do we turn?
We are in the era of technology and economic crises, problems we face every day.
Let us never forget that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
All we have to do now is call upon him to save us. Once God is in the midst of our life, nothing will stop us from living our life to the fullest.
Failure is nothing to God.
Let us not be blinded by the devil. The source of success is not earthly education, but God.
The moment students shift their attention from God and sees their certificates or degrees as their god being the source of their success, we are not only losing integrity as individuals but our country will be heading for disaster.
God is ready to carry us through the valley of trouble. God will neither leave nor forsake his children. The moment you tell God that you can’t and you wholly trust him to bring you through, he will carry you through.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Life’s true purpose is found only in God.

Glen Burua

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