Truth about Capt Richard Leahy

Letters, Normal

GOVERNER Luther Wenge for Capt Richard Leahy to leave Morobe province and PNG is uncalled for.
Only a proper investigation by CAA will reveal the cause of this fatal accident.
An angry Mr Wenge cannot use his position and emotions to preempt the findings of the investigation.
If Capt Leahy was in for a quick buck as Mr Wenge stated, he would have quit 20 years ago when the fuel price was reasonable and air travel was affordable. 
Taking into consideration the current avgas price and unlike national and other provincial government assistance to MAF, he continued to serve your people at a fee barely enough to keep his head above water.
He did it for the love of serving your people and would have continued to do so because leaders like you have failed your rural people by not providing better alternative services.
You should be asking yourself, what motivates a 63 year old man to wake up at 4am at Lae for an hour drive to Nadzab to make early departure to the most remote airstrips in your province before the weather picks up, 6 days a week for the last 20 odd years.
All this did not hinder his passion for serving your rural people.

National pilot,
Port Moresby