Truth slowly coming out


WE cannot hide the facts and truth forever and it is slowly coming to light.
The letter to The National dated 06/06/19 seems to shed more light onto what actually happened behind the scenes concerning the controversial K6 million Manam Resettlement Fund. We now call on the Madang government, Governor Peter Yama, Ramu Development Foundation and Bogia MP Robert Naguri, to tell us, the people of Bogia and Manam, what was done with the K6 million resettlement fund.
Has it been used for its intended purpose or diverted elsewhere?
We call on relevant authorities, including the Ombudsman Commission, to audit the use of the money and verify the issues surrounding the disappearance of the Manam resettlement fund and also other previous funding for Manam to determine whether the money were used for its intended purpose.
We also call upon the newly-appoint Police Minister and Member for Madang Bryan Kramer to instigate an investigation into the Manam Resettlement Fund.
It is public money and should be accounted for.
Kramer, please make this a priority for the benefit Manam islanders.
We are all aware of the issues and suffering of Manam islanders over the past 15 years and we should be doing our best to resettle them and not backsliding on our obligation. Any resettlement funds coming through must be used properly.
The people of Bogia and Manam are watching closely.
We call on all Bogia elites, regardless of your standing and location, to speak up for your people.

Jerry Ambali
Bogia People’s Network

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