Trying to enlarge penis can make it useless, say doctors


MEN who inject foreign substances into their penis in the hope of making it bigger are exposing themselves to serious harm which will need hospital treatment, a doctor says.
Kavieng General Hospital chief executive Dr Alex Wanganapi said some men who wanted to enlarge their penis inject a jelly-like substance into the skin.
Wanganapi said injecting the jelly-like substance only caused the skin tissue to swell but it would not increase the size of the penis.
He said he had treated two men for enlargement exercises that went wrong, and knew of five other cases.
The men came to the hospital after encountering problems.
He had to remove the jelly-like substance to reduce the swelling.
Wanganapi said the substance used was believed to have been brought in from Indonesia.
School of Medicine and Health Science’s Professor Glen Mola said those who sold the products promoted the idea that injecting it into the skin of the penis would increase its size, but they were not being truthful.
He said doing that would only result in disfiguring the penis and the substance used could cause serious damage making the penis dysfunctional and useless for sex.
“I started seeing men with penile enhancement complications 10 years ago,” he said.
“But recently I see and also hear from medical colleagues that there is literally an epidemic of problems associated with this activity.”
He said such a treatment will make an erection painful and prevent the man from having sex.
It will be difficult to reconstruct the penis once it has been damaged, Mola said.
Mola advised men not to try it.
He said it was normal for men to want to have a bigger penis but to go to the extreme of inserting foreign materials into it was bad and dangerous.

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