Tsak Valley road in poor shape

Letters, Normal

The National

TWO lives were lost and many were injured in a fatal car accident in the remote Tsak Valley in Wapenamanda district, Enga province, recently.
Councillor Jeffery Kais of ward six, Tsak Valley LLG, is right to call on authorities to upgrade and maintain the road.
Like all roads in the district, the road linking Wapenamanda to Tsak Valley has deteriorated from lack of maintenance.
I hope the accident is a wake-up call to the local MP and provincial government to look into the problem of deteriorating road networks in the district.
During the 2007 election campaign, the people of Wapenamanda were told about the comprehensive plan how basic services would be delivered.
However, nothing has taken place in the last two years.
People are still dying from road accidents, communicable diseases and the services are just as poor.


Joe Wasia