Tsak Valley Secondary students looking forward to IT lessons


Students from Tsak Valley Secondary School in Wapenamanda, Enga, will start having information technology (IT) classes in the second term.
This follows a visit by officers from Enga government to set up an IT lab for the school.
Sikin tribe community leader, Lawrence Londari, told The National from Tsak that officers from Enga government’s IT department visited the school recently to set up a computer lab for students.
“Delegates from the Enga government’s IT department, Kevin Mas and Robin Win, inspected our IT laboratory set-up to assist us on costing, data bills and others,” Londari said.
“We are looking at 25 desktop computers for a start.
“Students will begin their IT classes in term two.
“We are thankful to our committed school board chairman, Mark Yakka, who was also here to welcome the IT officers.”

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