TSC: Be at school to fill in forms


All teachers must be in their respective schools on January 21 to complete their resumption-of-duty summary sheets (RDSS) for
2019, Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairman Baran Sori says.
Sori said the RDSS was a very important document that all teachers must fill because that was the document that would determine whether they are on the payroll or not.
“Within that same week, all RDSS documents have to be submitted to TSC and the payroll division of the Education Department to be registered on the Alesco payroll system,” he said.
“When teachers comply with the schedules of the Education Department and do as required, there will not be much problem as we have experienced in getting their pay done.”
As per the Education Department calendar, actual teaching commences on January 28.
Teachers are required to be in their respective schools to
get themselves sorted and prepared before students resume classes.
Sori called on all teachers to be committed to their duties in delivering education services to the children of Papua New Guinea.
“We would like to embrace more on Government’s policy on quality education,” he said.
“This year is the year put forward to work in a way where we follow set procedures and standards accordingly.
“This is in order to improve our work now and into the future.
“2019 is the year of negotiation.
“We want to be effective in the management and coordination of our members’ benefits and welfare and into the classrooms, where we would like to see quality education coming out.”

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