TSC: Bring appointment papers to Education office


All 2019 teachers’ appointment documents must be hand delivered at Education headquarters in Waigani and not emailed or sent through express mail, Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairman Baran Sori says.
He said hand deliveries would avoid risks of losing the documents as well all the delays that occured during teacher admission and registration processes.
“It is the duty and responsibility of every provincial education advisor to make it their business to get all necessary documents of their teachers verified and brought over to Waigani,” Sori said.
“This processes has to be done by the end of December.
“By early January, all the appointment documents should be at Waigani.”
Meantime, tenure appointments of teachers has been completed by the TSC.
These have approved and forwarded to respective provincial education boards already for the 2019 school year.
New commencements are qualified people who have not graduated from teachers’ colleges with primary or secondary teaching certificates.
However, because of their qualifications with other institutions like University of Goroka, Pacific Adventist University and Divine Word University, they are appointed for admission and registration into the TSC.
New graduates are those that came out of recognised teachers’ colleges with primary and secondary teaching certificates. Appointments are done by respective head teachers according to the available vacant positions.
These are then brought to district education advisors, who then brings them to provincial education boards for final verification and then to Education headquarters.
The process is very long but it is not complicated, and can be completed in a matter of months.
The problem is it not being done on time, which affects and delay teachers’ commencement on payroll.

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