TSC farewells long-serving members

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THREE long-term serving members of the PNG Teaching Service Commission (TSC) were farewelled last Friday in Port Moresby.
They were chairman Michael Pearson, principal legal adviser Konio Havea and admissions officer Wilson Sikana.
The three members were joined by their families and representatives from the Education Department during the farewell.
Acting Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio acknowledged the efforts contributed by the three outgoing officers and also thanked their family members for their support in making sure they did their job properly in their respective positions.
Pagelio also saluted Pearson for his influential leadership role and hoped the new chairman would continue with the implementation of policies and reforms initiated by Pearson.
He highlighted two important changes initiated by Pearson:
* Regionalisation of TSC position where he said  made it easier as they could bring service more closely to the people so that they could serve them better; and
* Doing away of the teacher’s lump sum where teachers now receive normal fortnight pay while on six weeks break of schooling.
In response, Pearson also acknowledged the work of his other
colleagues and asked for God’s guidance in the selecting and decision making of TSC.
“Thank you very much to everybody. We do what we can and a lot is yet to come,” Pearson said.
Meanwhile, Havea said teachers’ salaries matters must be taken carefully so that teachers were not suffering.
He had completed government service in the teaching and the public service for 39 years and was also able to represent the department at various international conferences and workshops.
Sikana completed 32 years with the commission and the public service while Pearson served almost 39 years.
Each outgoing member was also presented with a gift from TSC as a token of appreciation for his loyal service and contribution.