TSC ready to assist district authorities on training

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 1st, 2016

 THE role of public servants such as teachers, policemen and health worker are to facilitate the delivery of government services to the people. 

However, the administration of disciplining public servants in the districts has not been very effective over the years. 

This has resulted in ineffective delivery of government services in  the districts.

Recently, Parliament enacted the District Development Authority Act which among others, provides for the discipline of public servants at the district level.

In relation to teachers and members of the Police Force, the District Development Authority Act made amendments to the Teaching Service Act 1988 and the Police Force Act to include district administrators as charging and suspension officers  of teachers and policemen at the district level.

 In relation to teachers in the districts, not all district administrators are aware of their powers to charge public servants in the districts. 

For example, during my trip to eight districts in eight provinces, I asked the district administrators whether they were aware of the powers vested on them to charge public servants and six of them did not know that they had the powers to charge teachers at the district level.

 For those who may be aware of their powers to charge public servants, they may not have the necessary knowledge and technical skills to be used to charge public servants. 

They may not be aware of the relevant forms to fill and how to fill them when excising their powers.

District administrators who wish to undergo training in relation to charging of teachers can write to the Teaching Service Commission legal service unit and invite officers to conduct training. 

Since the Teaching Service Commission does not have sufficient funds to conduct training, the district administrators can secure funding themselves and invite the commission to conduct the training workshops. It is in the interest mof both parties.


Joel Nava

Teaching Service Commission

Boroko, NCD