Tsiamalili urges people not to be lazy


BOUGAINVILLE regional MP Peter Tsiamalili Jr wants all Bougainvilleans to focus on their individual efforts in gearing up for independence.
Tsiamalili said that on Thursday in Buka during the celebration of the 46th Independence anniversary that he didn’t want Bougainvilleans to laze around and create problems.
“I will be your voice at the national parliament,” he said.
“But I don’t want you to laze around.
“You must back me up with your behaviour on the ground.
“I thank all owners of business houses in Bougainville.
“I also thank the mothers who sell food along the road.
“Such hardworking efforts will provide our economic base for us to gain our independence.
“I call on all of you to do business.
“When you do, you must register with the Internal Revenue Commission and pay your taxes.
“I call on the Chinese investors to do business according to our rules.
“If not, you will have to leave Bougainville.”