Tsunami warning taken seriously but without fear

National, Normal


THE people of Lae took the yesterday’s tsunami warning seriously but with no real panic.
People who work in areas close to the sea left work and moved to the top town or other places where it was safer.
The public generally moved away from the industrial area, the beachfront, Voco Point, the main wharf and places close by.
Many others remained at work.
Banks closed for the day and some offices and companies also closed.
However, some remained open for business.
The Lae market remained open despite police warnings to women selling food to leave.
Along the roads, long lines of people were moving away from their homes or places of work.
But there was no noticeable fear in their faces.
They just wanted to move away to safer ground.
At top town, many people could be seen standing on the lookout opposite the Morobe provincial government offices and looking down at the sea to see whether waves were coming in.
Most people The National spoke to said they did not hear the tsunami warning but heard from other people.
Many others heard from FM100 talk back show with Roger Hau’ofa.
Schools closed and parents picked up their children as a precaution.
Lae was supposed to have been hit by huge waves at 11am yesterday, but by midday, nothing had happened.