Tubal wants service delivery maintained in East New Britain

National, Normal

The National, Monday 19th December 2011

CONTINUITY in implementing projects and serving the people must be the priority for East New Britain, provincial administrator, Akuila Tubal says.
He said while the province enjoyed pilot projects and being a model province in the country, “main line agencies must not sit back and be complacent about their roles and responsibilities”.
Tubal, who is the provincial coordination and monitoring committee chairman, urged department representatives at its final meeting last week that they must work together to ensure continuity of service delivery.
The department of provincial and local level government initiated the provincial committee last year for main line agencies to better coordinate the implementation of projects.
He said working with provincial authorities had seen the improvement of working relations with the administration and other developmental partners.
Tubal said they all served the same people and it was important to ensure the flow of services was not hindered.
He said although committee members encountered issues of staffing and financial resources, it was common for agencies to source skilful manpower and adequate funding to complete annual programmes.
Tubal acknowledged the Department of Works which had in the past two years increased its capacity to improve some of the deteriorating infrastructure, especially road networks, and assured he would continue to provide an environment to complete some of its objectives through the transport
sector support programme and donor funding.
He appealed to members to be in close consultation with the administration.