Tuguba chiefs oppose mapping

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THE 26 stock clans of the Tuguba tribe, the traditional landowners and custodians of their prophetic “gigira laitebi” gas, have rejected Heritage Consultants and the Department of Petroleum and Energy from carrying out any social mapping and incorporated land group (ILG) exercises there.
Clan chiefs Peperaja Kupali (Guane), Simon Ekanda (Yugu), Tumbuli Pajawi (Ware), Pipe Tundu (Mukako), Marako Pate (Pate), Walape Mara (Tapu), Elijah Kozu (Kuare), Tara Aliwa (Takoria), Potape Marako (Pate), Kambiawi Hondomo (Aja) and Moses Arako (Ura), Kupiawi Aluya (Pepe), Andale Tapara (Pate) and Paliawe Tila (Tagopali), on behalf of the 26 clans, have made their stand clear to stakeholders.
The chiefs said the social mapping and ILG issues were part of the terms of reference for the alternative dispute resolution.
Ekanda said for the petroleum and energy department to engage Heritage Consultant would undermine the dispute resolution process.