Tuition fees for UNRE will remain the same, says Ibos


TUITION fees for students attending the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) will remain the same this year, according to Assistant Registrar (Student Administration) Gali Ibos.
Ibos however, reminded students to pay the compulsory fees and 50 per cent of the boarding and lodging fees before registration.
“As the university prepares for the academic year, all students must comply with the university’s requirement for their registration,” Ibos said.
She said in the past, some students arrived with no money at all or only part of the fees and “expect miracles to happen” despite given ample time to prepare their fees.
Ibos advised parents not to depend on their MPs for sponsorship.
She said parents must make it their responsibility to pay their children’s tuition fees in full and on time.