Tuition-free education


THE Free Education policy has been generating mixed reactions across the country.
It is easing the financial burden of many parents, enabling students from poor backgrounds to continue their education, and also helping in infrastructural development in schools.
However, the negatives currently outweighs the positives.
Parents are developing a mentality of dependence, which is not good.
Children are missing out on quality education because to limited learning materials, there is less interaction between the teacher and students, there is more noise, less discipline and teaches are burning out. Many schools have exceeded their capacity and need additional infrastructure and teachers to provide a conducive learning environment.
The free education policy needs to be reviewed.
It has to:

  • Incorporate parental contribution;
  • Increase subsidies for education students in tertiary institutions;
  • Infrastructure component funding be allocated based on project proposal and ensure follow up audits; and
  • Introduce two classes per day – morning and afternoon.

Every child has the right to education and our Government is providing the avenue. Unfortunately, children are not getting the quality. Change is needed right now.

Observer, madfox

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