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The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 GOLDEN Valley Enterprise managing director Justin Parker pledged K250,000 last week to the Jiwaka rugby league organising committee. 

The is the groundwork in preparation for the return of the  Waghi Tumbe which the provincial government of Governor Dr William Tongamp is backing.

According to organiser Frank Goi, the money will be used to get all faciliate the clubs participation in the eight competitions (leagues) in the province. 

Clubs from the Nondugul Kambiyes, Minj, Banz, Fatima, Kondopina, Kindang, Baning and Kurumul leagues will benefit from this sponsorship. 

The leagues will supply players for the Tumbe franchise.

Goi said the plan is for the Tumbe to seek re-entry next season.

Tongamp had earlier announced this in Banz during the Ipatas Cup playoffs.   

“This is good news for the league fans in Jiwaka after their team had been out the top tier rugby league competition for more than a decade. 

Tongamp said, the provincial government would now take the responsibility to pay K120,000 and register the Tumbe with the PNG National Rugby League. 

Goi thanked Parker for sponsorship to the leagues which will be used over the next five years. 

Goi also thanked Tongamp for his vision for the youths in Jiwaka. 

“Sports is one of the avenues that opens doors for people to express themselves and I urge the youths to pursue this wholsesome activity,” Goi said. 

He said, the onus now was now with local leagues to get their houses in order to enable them contribute players to the provincial team. 

The Jiwaka RFL executives will be appointed to carry out their respective duties. 

I appeal to three local MPs, business houses and interested people to work together with the executives to support their league.


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