Turi condemns rape of female medical doctor

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

National Capital District Met Supt Benjamin Turi has condemned the rape of a female medical doctor and is urging those who know the suspects to help in police investigations.
“I appeal to those settlers to come forth and give information. Anyone who knows about it and is not talking about it is as guilty as the one causing the rape,” Turi told The National yesterday. He stressed that leaders of the 4-Mile settlement should take responsibility in identifying the suspects or provide CID officers with any clues relating to the incident.
He said an investigation was underway.
“I want to assure the doctors association that the investigation is underway. Our CID officers are investigating it,” Turi said.
“I already talked to them (CID offers) over the weekend to push for a quick response to this.”
He said the rape was uncalled for and was a “animalistic behaviour”.
“She is a doctor and is helping to save lives,” he said.
“I strongly condemn this action towards our female doctor.
“Those who have done that have no respect.
“They are sick in the head, they have no respect for women. I don’t know whether they have sisters or mothers.”
According to Turi, the doctor was raped in the early hours of Friday morning.
He said a number of armed men broke into her house, raped her and took some items from the house.