Turi happy to move on as he prepares for new life in Hagen


OUTGOING National Capital District metropolitan superintendent Benjamin Turi has urged all station commanders to cooperate with his successor Perou N’Dranou to keep command and control in the city.
He told the media during the handover ceremony on Tuesday that he was happy to take his new post in Mt Hagen next week.
“I ask all police station commanders and section heads for your cooperation with the three new commanders of the city.
“Our role is to serve the people, the residents of the city like we serve our three new commanders with respect for everything that has been given to us by the outgoing commanders.”
Turi urged the police station commanders to also tell their policemen to do the same to give the same kind of respect to the new commanders.
“It is a double handover for myself and the outgoing superintendent operations. I am leaving for Mt Hagen with peace in mind. I am happy to go and face the new place.
“I have no regrets to worry about. I took it on the first day when the appointment came. I am ready to move on. I did not decline and I am happy to pass the command to the new metropolitan superintendent to carry on and continue to serve our people not only the locals but international people too that visit our city.”
Turi said he also handed projects and operations that he had headed in the city to the new metropolitan superintendent to follow up and complete whatever tasks that he has left undone.