Turn away from crime and be good citizens: Huafolo

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ACTING Deputy Police Commissioner and chief of operations Raphael Huafolo yesterday warned youths to turn away from crime and become good citizens.
“They should seek redemption and forgiveness from God,” he said when commenting on the attempted robbery of the Rickshaw Restaurant in down-town Port Moresby in which two robbers were shot dead by police on Sunday.
A third suspect and two policemen were also seriously injured in the gun battle between the robbers and police.
Mr Huafolo said in a statement: “Youths who engage in criminal activities are leading a life of self-destruction and they should give it up and do something more meaningful with their lives.”
Mr Huafolo said two other suspects escaped in the dark on foot.
NCD Metropolitan Supt Fred Yakasa said at the robbery scene that the four suspects were captured but “a couple of others could have escaped”.
He appealed to the public who may have information to help the police nab the robbers.
The NCD police chief condemned the shooting of the policemen and called on relatives or anyone harbouring the two suspects to hand them over to police.
Mr Huafolo also warned of tougher police action against anyone found harbouring the two suspects on the run.
He said detectives would be questioning the injured suspect to obtain the identities of his two accomplices.
Mr Huafolo commended police personnel who were engaged in foiling the robbery.
He also praised NCD central commander Supt Awan Sete and Supt Yakasa for putting together a workable policing strategy for NCD and Central province, which he said were bearing results in recent weeks.
He said the latest shootings in downtown Port Moresby and the quick response and arrest of two Asian men connected to the attempted murder of prominent businessman Jason Tan at Baruni reflected the effective policing strategies put in place by Supt Sete and Supt Yakasa.
Police investigations into the down-town robbery and shootings have started and will end with positive results, Mr Huafolo said.