Turn to Bible for comfort, solace


AT one time or another, we all surely need comfort and encouragement.
This is because there are so many things in life that bring sadness.
We all need to be sheltered, warmed, and embraced.
Some of us have grown old and are not happy about that.
Others are deeply disappointed that life has not turned out as they had hoped.
Still others have been shaken by a report that has come back from a pathology lab.
Moreover, few would contest that events in our time have created a vast need for comfort and hope.
During the past century, more than a hundred million people have died in war.
Almost all of them left behind a grieving family – mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, widows and orphans, in desperate need of solace.
Today, over a billion people live in extreme poverty.
Half of the world’s population lack regular access to medical treatment and essential drugs.
On the streets of polluted mega cities, wander millions of abandoned children, many of whom use drugs and practice prostitution.
Millions of others have indeed found a surpassing source of comfort and solace.
To all of those yearning for solace, the Bible has words of comfort.
Countless people have turned to the Bible for comfort, hope and guidance during times of trouble and uncertainty.
Why? Because the Bible is inspired by our loving Creator, the God of all comfort, the one who comforts us in all our tribulation.

Taylor Kabuino

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  • I’m 100% in support of what you say. Whether we go to church or not, God Almighty meets our everyday needs. Thanks to God!

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