Turn to Jesus


THE novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is causing so much tragedy, suffering, pain, sorrow, poverty, hunger, and the list goes on.
Unfortunately, the world at large is looking for solutions using human intelligence and reasoning but the so-called scientists couldn’t develop a vaccine or drug to cure Covid-19.
After five months, the virus is still wreaking havoc around the world daily.
Even if they do develop a vaccine in the near future, still more pestilences, diseases and natural disasters will come one after the other.
The Lord God Almighty is warning the world through Covid-19 to repent and return to Him because soon Jesus Christ will return to destroy our planet.
Human immorality and irreverence for the Lord Almighty is ten times beyond what people were doing in the ancient days of Noah and Lot.
In this modern digital age, people regardless of culture and religion, are inundated with so much knowledge and information right at their fingertips on a 24/7 basis.
And not a single moment do they pause and worship and have respect for the Lord.
Therefore, my personal appeal to my fellow countrymen and women, please change your lifestyle and attitude and return to the source of your life which is Jesus Christ.

Karimui Toksave
Port Moresby

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