Turubu candidates reminded not to mislead, deceive voters

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013


THE Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) is a government policy and candidates should not use it to mislead people just to win votes, Turubu LLG president David Kausik says.

He said candidates in Turubu East Sepik, who lacked knowledge, were accusing the Turubu LLG of initiating the million-kina Turubu Oil Palm project when it was a private arrangement between landowners and developer under SABL policy.

“A small LLG like Turubu has no control over the functions of the government,” he said. 

“Candidates who lacked knowledge on SABL are deceiving the people,” Kausik said.

“I urge you  to be vigilant during this last week of campaigning so that you may not be deceived by foolish people.”

He said candidates should respect each other and conduct their campaigns responsibly and let people scrutinise them and vote for the candidates who could to bring service and development into the 21 wards.

“Candidates should not make misleading statements, criticise or falsely accuse other candidates.”

“This is cheap politics aimed at discrediting potential leaders from being elected.”