Turubu locals receive training on financial management

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The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013


THE Turubu local level government in East Sepik is educating locals on prudent financial management.

They are also being taught tricks in securing financial help to venture into medium and small scale business activities.

Last Friday 29 participants from ward one at Maur village received certificates after a one-week project proposal writing and cash flow training.

It was conducted by Stiven Wani of Sunset Development Corporation, Judith Samek and Margaret Krufher.

The participants also wrote their own live projects which Wani would edit and use to secure funding from donor agencies.

Provincial lands chairman Francis Hevu thanked Turubu LLG president David Kausik for promoting economic development in the area.

Hevu who is also the Wewak Rural LLG president said time for writing letters or verbally requesting funds from the government and donor agencies were over as they now required only proposals.

“I encourage you all to have confidence in yourself, start whatever small businesses you want to do and move on with life,” he said.

“Our national MP Jim Simatab is also very supportive and we will all assist through your LLG to ensure that there are avenues for you to source funding to start your businesses.”

Kausik encouraged the participants to value the training they obtained and pursue their business areas of interest.

“This training is to help motivate you to excel in your business interest and give you knowledge to manage the little money you make so that you spend wisely to support your family.

“Your sons and daughters, in-laws and nephews in Port Moresby will not continue to cater for your day to day financial needs. 

“They have their own problems to manage and therefore your LLG has offered such training so you can support yourself financially,” Kausik said.

He also gave K3,000 to the Maur village development committee which locals could borrow to start small businesses.