Turubu oil palm nursery doing well

Normal, Weekender


WORK at the nursery site for the proposed multi-million kina Turubu Oil Palm is progressing with more than 20,000 polythene bags filled for the first batch of seedlings from Kimbe.

Landowner company chairman Aron Malijiwi said work on the first stage of the nursery also saw the laying of pipes for the irrigation.

Water for the irrigation system would be sourced from a nearby river with the help of a water pump from China early this month.

Nursery specialist Joshua Padeng said the irrigation system called Sumi Sansui or SK laser rain tape had been specially designed in Taiwan with proven durability.

The plastic bags, about 100m long, would run parallel to the nursery beds and sprinkle water on the seedlings at the nursery sheds.

Malijiwi and his team were briefed at the nursery on Monday on the latest irrigation techniques which would be turned on when the seedling arrives in two weeks.

He said workers who were on site would continue filling the next 20,000 bags for stage two and also prepare land at the main nursery to accommodate the first 20,000 young palms that would be transferred to the main nursery in preparation for planting.