Tussle for interim body posts heats up

Letters, Normal

Parliament has been recalled to deal with key legislations, among others the enabling legislation for Hela and Jiwaka provinces.
Once Parliament endorses the law, an interim authority made up of politicians and an chief executive officer will be appointed by the NEC.
The interim authority will employ people to assist the CEO.
It is the main talk in Hela and Jiwaka.
People are already fighting for positions, especially the CEO’s post.
The interim authority will be the political body while the CEO will be tasked to carry out political directions of the authority.
It will function like the present provincial assembly and the CEO is like the present provincial administrator.
However, this process will not be plain sailing. Let me explain.
The two newly created provinces do not have legal standing until 2012.
This means they are still part of Southern Highlands and Western Highlands.
In essence, Governor Anderson Agiru and Governor Tom Olga are in charge. 
The incumbent governors will have the first call to retain interim chairman or another member appointed.
So the interim authority is likely to be formed by MPs, LLG presidents and nominated members.
This is the scenario as far as political structure is concerned.
The other is the administrative structure which is the public service machinery.
The provincial administrator is likely to be the CEO.
In this way, there will be consistency and coordination between the transitional authority and the parent administration.
The interim CEO’s primary role will be to work on the administrative structure in consultation with departments of Personnel Management and Provincial Affairs.
The public service structure will start at the LLG ward level, aid post, health centre and district offices.
The administrative structure is the main service delivery agents like CHWs, LLG clerks, patrol officers (kiaps), district officers, district clerks, agriculture officers, HEOs, nursing officers, etc.
The new provinces must not be politicised and the National Government should take heed not to play politics with the people’s provinces.
Similarly, the elites of Hela and Jiwaka must claim ownership to the respective interim administrations and not take it as a stepping-stone for their political dreams and aspirations. 


Kali Walu
Via email