Tussle shows a split in government

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 15, 2011

THE current tussle for political power stems from greed, self-gain and disrespect among our leaders.
It portrays a clear picture of how divided the government is.
The ruling party must be humble and work with its coalition partners for the betterment of the country, hence for the confidence of foreign investors.
To archive stability in governance for the good of the country, there must be cooperation, unity and respect among leaders.
Leaders must abide by the de­cision of their superiors with whom the power rests and not to grumble or fight over ministerial powers.
The prerogative of appointing ministerial portfolios is vested upon the prime minister.
He decides on the appointment and removal of ministerial heads.
In the current case, Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has the full power vested upon him by Sir Michael Somare.
The common good of the nation is paramount and ministers who chose to bypass set rules and misbehaving must be dismissed.
This was what the acting prime minister did in the move to dismiss the two ministers despite their seniority.
Running a government is all about cooperation and respect for each other and the country.
I salute Abal for doing the right thing.


Concerned citizen