Tvet needs improvements

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The National- Monday, February 7, 2011


IN order for technical vocational education  training (Tvet) institutions to become more effective and efficient, large improvements need to take place. 

This includes improvements in curriculum development, better administrative systems, human and physical resources and infrastructure development and maintenance, according to a report.

“This improvement must be done in collaboration with a particular emphasis on the development of leaders,” the report stated.

Launched yesterday at NRI, the report also stated  that Tvet curriculum reform needed to be strengthened through establishment of a greater partnership from business, industry, and community and by the establishment of a coordinating body.

“The Tvet curriculum branch must also now work towards the establishment and formal endorsement of a national qualifying endorsement of a national qualifying framework, national standards, better processes and above all, greater involvement by and ownership of business, industry and the community,” the report further pointed out. 

It also suggested that the department of education Tvet division, the office of the higher education, the national training council, and the national apprenticeship and trade testing board to work together to ensure that “quality standards and processes are in place”.