Tvet providing second chance for dropouts

Youth & Careers

SCHOOL dropouts have been advised that they can further their education through the Technical Vocational Education Training (Tvet) programme.
A roadshow and exposition held last weekend in Jiwaka raised awareness on the programmes that Tvet institutions offered which were not in the formal education system.
Provincial Tvet coordinator Melex Bosip said Jiwaka has six Tvet institutions which met the Government’s requirements.
“Our school dropouts and school leavers in grades 8, 10 and 12 have a greater chance to further their education,” Bosip said.
“Tvet creates a pathway for them to find jobs in technical fields and helps them to further their education in universities because they will obtain national certificates 1 and 2, unlike the conventional programmes of the past in the vocational institutions.”
Deputy provincial administrator Joseph Karap said Tvet suited the grassroots population. “Tvet is suitable for Jiwaka people,” he said.
“We need skilled people to develop the province. Tvet is a combination of vocational and technical education. Tvet education is very useful for our province and country. I believe our young people will take the positives out of this expo and choose Tvet institutions.”
The six Tvet institutions are Fatima in Banz, Kuli in Anglimp, Dalnamp in Nondugl, Mambilnol in Jimi, Maria Kwin in Banz, and Tombil in Minj.
Provincial education adviser Erwin Us said the Jiwaka provincial government under Governor Dr William Tongamp wanted all Local Level Government’s (LLGs) to each have a Tvet institution. “We have plans to establish another Tvet for Minj, another for Kudjip and one for Lower Jimi in Koinambe,” he said. “Once all our LLGs have a Tvet institution each, we will meet the government requirements. We are nearly there and it’s an important achievement for our province.”

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