Tvet: Second chance for students


Technical vocational education training schools are a pathway for students to complete their degree programme in university or college, European Union Country Manager John Kuri says.
Speaking to students at Guruma Tvet Centre in Youngumul, Chimbu, Kuri said Tvet also provided an opportunity for students who fall out of the formal education system.
He said the requirement for Tvet students to be eligible to apply to higher institutions was to complete grades 1 to six and received National Certificates.
“When you complete your National Certificate (NC) 1-6, you are eligible to apply to universities and cColleges in the country,” he said.
“All you need to do is to focus on what courses you are majoring in your Tvet schools and complete the NC1-6.
Kuri said regardless of the remoteness of the Tvet schools, the European Union has managed to assist schools in rural areas in provinces and Guruma Tvet Centre in Youngumu is one of the lucky recipient.
Dr Ben Imbun, who is in charge of EU’s Human Resource Development Programme Phase 2, urged students coming out of PNG’s education system not to see themselves as failures.
“Departmental heads and politicians has not properly explained about the space constraints in classrooms among other factors that is pushing our kids out from the formal education system,” he said.
Kuri said Tvet was a parallel pathway to PNG’s education system that equips lifelong skills to graduates and alleviates poverty through job opportunities.
He said the EU has so far funded over K37 million worth of infrastructure developments, tools and equipment supply for six schools in PNG.
This is apart from the funding for teacher training and on job training for the students.

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