Twelve more people given the chance in education second time

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TWELVE people were given an opportunity for a second chance in education with their dreams of being able to read and write.
 Last Friday, they graduated with certificate in adult literacy.
Anglicare Port Moresby saw people from all walks of life, including a six-year-old, Christine Kuman, during the seventh graduation ceremony that was well attended by parents and friends to show their support to the newly graduates.
The literacy programme started in 2007, with only twenty participants or learners as they are known.
From 20, the number increased to 800 learners by last year.
 It then decreased to 500 this year because many could not make it  since most of the learners were from the settlements in the city and had problem with transportations.
However, this year has seen three graduations with the forth one held to recognise the efforts of the learners in enhancing their knowledge on how to make soap, hair oil, bake, cook and most importantly being able to read and write.
Anglicare deputy director operations Esiah Eino said this programme has proved that there is a need in the community to educate people on and to be able to read and write.
He said the literacy programme came about as a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and would stand committed in bringing hope to the under-privileged without any charge.
“With the limited resources we  have, we will continue to do our best to help the people.
“ The programme is  free so anyone can come in and join,” he said.
Mr Eino said the success rate of the literacy programme was 60% to 70% and was proud that Anglicare was doing something to fight illiteracy in PNG.
Meanwhile, Anglican diocese in Port Moresby, Bishop Peter Ramstead said education was important and it was great to see the learners graduate and have a basic knowledge on how to read and write.
“Once you are able to read and write, the door is open to you and you can do anything and go further in life with what little you have gained from Anglicare,” Bishop Ramstead said.