Twins donate incubator to POMGH

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PORT Moresby-born twins Jacqueline and Michelle Seeto yesterday gave Port Moresby General Hospital what it had always wanted for a Christmas present-an incubator.
When they were born prematurely and delivered at the hospital 19 years ago, there was no incubator available to see them through the first couple of days.
But to show the hospital staff their appreciation of caring for them then, Jacqueline and Michelle, now Australian residents, donated the incubator to the labour ward on behalf of their family.
They were born on Sept 22, 1990, to mother Judy and father Dutnin Seeto.
They said yesterday that back then, labour ward equipment were scarce, to a point in time when there were no incubators to cater for their deteriorating health.
As a result, the twins had to be kept under observation at the hospital’s special care nursery for two months.
With the generous help from the hard working staff of the labour ward, the twins survived, regained their health and left with their family to Brisbane, Australia, where they are currently residing.
Family physician, Dr Delma Natera, who delivered the twins back then, was so happy to be reunited with the now beautiful teenagers.
Recalling that fateful moment in 1990, Dr Natera said; “Michelle was born first and Jacqueline was a surprise for us.
“Everyone expected a single pregnancy that time but it was a blessing the family had twins.”
The twins were pleased with their donation and said they would want premature babies to survive and live a life.
Everyone had to have a second chance in life and they believed the incubator would help babies delivered in future have a better chance of battling potential complications.
Jacqueline and Michelle are both studying at university in Brisbane and are here on holidays, and purposely for the donation of the incubator.