Two arrested for murder in Wabag

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WABAG police have arrested and charged a father and son with willful murder on Tuesday afternoon in relation to the killing of a man at Akom village last week in Wabag district, Enga province.
The latest arrest brings the total number of suspects arrested and charged to three after the beheading of late Kaki Kuku from Sikin clan last Wednesday.
Provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare yesterday identified them as Anton Saka and Wanpis Anton, both from Sikin clan, where the deceased came from.
 Supt Chare said the leaders from the Wapukin and Sikin came to Wabag police station last Tuesday and told the arresting officer and Criminal Investigation officers investigating the matter that Mr Saka was not involved in the killing.
The leaders said that only his son, Wanpis, was believed to be involved in the killing of Kuku.
Supt Chare said as a result police withdrew the wilful murder charge laid against Mr Saka and set him free while locking up his son.
He said suspect councillor Nita Yange, who allegedly instigated the trouble and chopped off the head of the deceased  with a bush knife was arrested and charged with wilful murder.
He said Yange and Wanpis appeared before the Wabag Committal Court on Tuesday and were sent to Baisu jail, Western Highlands province, awaiting further court appearance.