Two dead and two injured in clashes

Lae News, Normal


ETHNIC clashes in Lae and Wau have reportedly left two men dead and another two injured.
In the clash in Lae, the Kabwum settlers and Yanga landowners of the Ahi local level government fought  last Friday after a Kabwum man who was selling home-brewed alcohol was led away by youths from Yanga last Thursday.
He was found dead the next morning at Malahang.
On Saturday morning, the settlers went to Malahang market and attacked the people there.
A man believed to be from the Morobe patrol post is dead and his body is at the Angau morgue. 
In Wau, two houses were burnt to ashes while two men were critically injured and rushed to the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae last Friday.
The attackers were allegedly youths from Bianggai, Menyamya and Watut.
Police said the trouble started when a man from Bianggai was attacked by security guards at the Wau market because he had dropped rubbish at the market place.
The Bianggai man mobilised his relatives and retaliated, injuring the two men and burning down two houses at Sawdust compound.
The situation in Wau is still tense.
The latest incident prompted Bulolo MP Sam Basil to say: “I am sick and tired of such senseless attitude and people, whether indigenous or settlers that reside in the two townships who attack or kill innocent people will be evicted.”
The situation in the townships has become a threat to the Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) employees both in towns and mine site.
MMJV community affairs manager, Stanley Komunt, immediately organised a stakeholder meeting at the weekend that devised strategies on how to resolve the matter with relevant authorities and the parties involved.