Two dead following shoot out

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013


TWO people were killed yesterday at a settlement in Lae following a shootout between police and members of a gang. 

One was a toddler who was playing near her home when a stolen vehicle hit her and other children at around 1pm near Army Tattoo Street in East Taraka. 

The other was the driver of the stolen vehicle carrying the gang members.  

Eyewitness Pilendu Sikipi from Mendi, Southern Highlands, said five men travelling in a vehicle were chased by police to Talis Kona where gunshots were exchanged.

“The driver lost control of the vehicle and it rammed into a family home after hitting the kids,” Sikipi said.

“It was really bad. A couple of kids were hit by the vehicle.”

Lae metropolitan commander Iven Lakatani said the driver of the gang was shot by police during the confrontation.

Lakatani said the men were armed and had stolen the vehicle at Kamkumung.

“The vehicle owner alerted police who pursued the men,” he said. 

“We are fed up of gangs going around and terrorising people. They must be stopped,” Lakatani said.

“The same fate awaits those who continue to terrorise people.”