Two deaths in Buka

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TAPO TOVILU DWU journalism student

THE people of Buka are still in shock following the gruesome beheading of a man on the island on New Years day.
The beheading was one of two deaths reported on the island over the New Year’s period.
The beheading occurred at Hangan village in Buka.
Police said the elderly man, identified as Allan Tanahan, was beheaded with a bush knife, allegedly by a young man who regularly uses marijuana.
The motive behind the killing is not known.
The suspect was rescued by police after relatives of Tanahan retaliated by attacking him in an attempt to kill him.
The suspect is now under police custody at the Buka police station.
The second incident was a fatal accident which occurred along the Arawa-Kokopau Highway at about 4am on Sunday.
The deceased in his 20s from Siara village was walking along the road when a vehicle travelling at high speed knocked him down.
The deceased died on the spot after sustaining head injuries and other serious injuries to his body. 
The vehicle is believed to have been stolen from the Law and Justice Sector in Bougainville.
The relatives of the victim, in retaliation, felled coconut trees resulting in the closure of the highway.