Two die in gun battle

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The National, Monday August 5th, 2013


TWO people are dead and three seriously wounded following a gun battle between supporters of an elected president and an unsuccessful candidate at a local level government.

West New Britain provincial police commander Samson Siguyaru said the incident happened last Saturday soon after Lawrence Mango was elected president of the Kandrian LLG.

Mango and his supporters were on their way to Kandrian station for the formal announcement of his win when they were blocked by supporters of a losing candidate.

An argument followed which developed into a fight. Some people took advantage of the situation and raided a shop owned by businessman Peter Chow of Malaysia.

“As the looters made their way into the store, the store owner fired some rounds from his pistol into the air to ward them off,” Siguyaru said.

“But the looters turned aggressive and he had to shoot a man in the process of protecting his store.”

The man later died while being rushed to Kimbe for medical treatment.

He said after the man was shot, supporters of Mango opened fire at the store, injuring Chow and his wife. They are receiving treatment at the Kimbe General Hospital.

The two groups of supporters clashed resulting in the death of a second man and the wounding of a pastor.

Siguyaru said police managed to calm the people and will arrest those who started the fight.

A police team from the mobile squad and detectives has been dispatched to monitor the situation at the station.