Two die in nasty car accident

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Report and picture By ELIAS LARI

TWO men died instantly while three others are fighting for their lives at the Ialibu Hospital in Southern Highlands provinceafter a horrific car accident on Saturday morning.
The accident occurred around 6am at Kurano village near Ialibu station.
Eyewitnesses said a 10-seater Landcruiser belonging to police in Pangia district over turned at a corner, killing the two and injuring three others.
The cause of the accident is not known.
Simon Watepe, an eyewitness, told The National that the vehicle overturned on a very narrow corner.
Mr Watepe said the villagers were woken by a big noise early in the morning.
They ran out of their houses to the road only to find that there had been an accident.
The villagers went to work immediately pulling the bodies of the passengers out of the wreckage.
They had to rush the three to Ialibu Hospital for quick medical attention as they were badly injured.
Mr Watepe said it appeared the driver was trying to negotiate the corner at high speed, and lost control.
A nurse at the Ialibu Hospital said the three injured were in a very critical condition and needed to be referred quickly to a hospital with proper medical facilities.
The nurse said the hospital was in a poor state and they could do very little to save their lives.
A policeman at the Ialibu police station confirmed the accident and the car as belonging to police.
The policeman said the vehicle was used by a mobile unit providing security to a construction company operating in the area.
The two, who died, were believed to be employees of a construction company.
Police are investigating to find out the cause of the accident.