Two issues annoying


ALTHOUGH crime and police matters dominate the printed press in recent times, two areas of concern that are annoying at times are the continued reporting of the stolen Apec vehicles and the Bougainville referendum.
Regarding the referendum, so what?
Whether a province or an ethnic group was given the option to vote, one can expect the largest proportion of voters would vote for independence.
Simply because this is the status nature has bestowed in us, an inbuilt society and independent of the rest.
If Tolais were given the chance to vote, you can already assume the final result.
Southern Highlanders would do the same and so will Morobeans, for the similar reason Bougainville is using.
So if the government wishes to entertain the referendum result, let it be prepared to handle the exit of the rest of the one thousand tribes stitched together since the colonial era.
On the issue of stolen Apec vehicles, this is money down the drain.
The government knew about it yet went ahead and wasted money on items they knew would be absorbed into the massive misappropriation basket seen in modern PNG.
There is no need wasting everybody’s time pretending that “a special team of investigators” are investigating.
What are they investigating, a rainbow’s end?
This is a total waste of time, money and resources!

Gerard Saleu

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