Two killed, three hurt in shooting of armed robbers


POLICE in Kimbe, West New Britain, last Friday had to disperse the relatives of five men shot during an armed robbery at a supermarket.
Provincial police commander Supt Jim Namora said one of the robbers died on the spot, another died in hospital while three were admitted for their injuries.
The relatives gathered outside the Kimbe General Hospital morgue and tried to disrupt hospital operations.
Namora said the hospital management sought police assistance.
The officers based at the Gari Baki Mobile Squad barracks in Talasea went to the hospital and dispersed the rowdy group.
Namora said the situation in town was quiet but tense.
He said the suspects lived in Section 21 settlement in Kimbe.
The robbery took place at the 7 Mart Shop.
The five suspects held up a bus and used it to storm the supermarket.
Police were alerted and the suspects were shot.

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