Two men killed in fight over alleged sorcery-related death


TWO men died in a tribal fight over a death alleged to have been caused by sorcery in Mariri village, in the Kagua-Erave electorate, Southern Highlands.
Kurubu tribal leader Bali Rubai said the two men were killed in a fight involving bush knives and guns.
Western End Assistant Commissioner of Police Kaiglo Ambane told The National that he was not aware of the incident.
Rubai said fights related to sorcery accusations were becoming a norm in society.
He said the village was in chaos and community leaders were not performing their duties to maintain peace.
“Many people are dying because they fight among themselves over sorcery accusations,” Rubai said.
He said when there is a death in the village, someone was accused of sorcery, and fighting erupted.
“There is no law and order,” Rubai said. “Even police officers have left the Kagua police station to work elsewhere.
“Where are our leaders?
“Can district funds be spent to do something about this?”

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