Two men killed in fight


TWO men were killed and six others wounded in a fight between two factions in Wewak town, East Sepik, early on Sunday morning, police said.
East Sepik commander Robert Gesa said the groups involved were from Yangoru, Yangoru-Saussia district and Torembi in the Wosera Gawi district.
The two groups live on both sides of the Wirui Cathedral Road.
Providing an update from Wewak yesterday, Gesa said: “The fight is between Yangorus and Torembi.
“Information at hand is that after a nightclub closed in the early hours of Sunday, a man from Yangoru was shot dead with a wire catapult by suspects from Torembi. The man was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
“Between 9am and 10am on Sunday, the Yangoru side retaliated and one used a gun to shoot two brothers on the Torembi side in Nuigo.
“My men made an attempt to restore peace early this morning (Monday), There was another attack on the Torembi. We are discussing and trying to restore peace into the two communities.
“Situation is quiet but tense.
“It’s normal business operations in other parts of Wewak town. It’s only the two groups who are fighting each other at the moment.”
Gesa said police also received unconfirmed reports of two truckloads of people coming in from Sapuain, West Coast, to assist the Yangoru.
His message to the two factions: “Im trying to contain the situation. The deaths will be investigated and justice will prevail.
“This is not a village, we want peace. Those who want to make matters worse, I appeal to them to listen to their leaders and help us restore peace. My advice is I want peace and normalcy.”