Two rape cases in ‘quiet’ month

Lae News, Normal


APART from the month of January being “quiet generally” in Lae, police have reported two pack rape incidents in the past 10 days.
The age and origin of the victims are not known, however, in both cases, the perpetrators forced their way into the rooms of the victims and dragged them out before sexually penetrating and abusing them.
According to metropolitan Supt Nema Mondiai, two known suspects used a pocket knife to threaten a girl at Bumbu settlement and carried her out of the house in full view of her sister.
She was raped not far from the house by the suspects who were reportedly intoxicated.
In the early hours of Monday, four men who are known to the community broke into the room of a woman at 3-Mile armed with home-made guns, axes and knives.
In the melee, she managed to flee from the house into the dark, but was pursued and physically abused before the men took turns in raping her.
Both incidents are being investigated by police.
Meanwhile, the Top Town cell is used again after being cleared by health authorities following its closure during the cholera outbreak late last year.