Two schools receive K205,000

National, Normal

TWO primary schools in North Wahgi district of Western Highlands province received K205,000 last week from their MP and deputy Governor Benjamin Mul.
The two schools were Dona and Munumul primary schools.
The money received will boost and improve their standard of learning.
Mr Mul, after presenting the two cheques, said education was the backbone of the country and all schools needed to be funded properly so that they could build the human resource of the country through education.
He said under his leadership, education was a first priority in his electorate and most of the funds would be diverted into education.
Mr Mul said developing the human resource through education was vital and urged the Government and other MPs to focus more on education.
He said other infrastructure developments would not do much for the nation developments but education would put more impact into the developments.
Mr Mul said with the upcoming PNG LNG project, Papua New Guineans should be employed instead of hiring expatriates to do the job, adding that if schools were well funded, then people could fill up the vacancies.
He also called on teachers and board of management to look after the funds that were delivered to their schools.
Mr Mul said if the management looked after funds properly, then they would help the Government to put more funding in the future.