Two soldiers charged with murder of police officer granted bail


TWO soldiers charged with the wilful murder of a police officer were granted bail on Friday.
Waigani National Court acting Judge Paul Tusais granted bail to Sgt Supa James and Lt Richard Ule are charged with killing National Capital District zone three commander Snr Insp Andrew Tovere on May 9 at the ATS settlement in Port Moresby. Justice Tusais ordered the accused to pay a bail of K1,000 each and their guarantors K500 each.
They have to report to the National Court registry every second Monday between 9.30am and 3.30pm, not interfere with state witnesses, live at their known address at ATS air transport wing, not leave National Capital District without the leave of court, not consume alcohol or illicit drugs and be on good behaviour while on bail.
Both applicants are represented by Robbie Yanison, from Yanison Lawyers.
“Lt Ule, 31, of Dirima in Gumine, Chimbu in his sworn affidavit stated that his grounds for bail were that his family depended on him as the bread winner, his young children need him as a parent, his mother had throat cancer and he supported her medical expenses, that he did not assault the deceased and would vigorously defend his case in court.
“Sgt James, 48, of Noure in Chuave, Chimbu, stated that his job was vital and that he held a key position in the PNG Defence Force, had a big family and they depended on him as the bread winner.
His five children were in
school and needed his help, that his trial would not happen anytime soon, he denied outright his involvement and would vigorously defend his innocence in the trial.”
The lawyer for the government objected to both bail applications, saying that none of the grounds raised showed exceptional circumstance to justify bail.


  • They seemed to fit to say that they have families who needed them, but what about the victim? Does the victim has families? How important are the families of the suspects? Come on!!!! This is crazy !!! The reasons for their appeals does not warrant bail as I would suggest. Hope we change, our nation change and all her its administrative system change.

  • There must be different Judaical system for law enforcers and top sots then ordinary citizens. Only in PNG???

  • What the hell is our LAW applications to the Offenders,,,Justice Minister somethings somewhere have to start,,,No wonder we practice ill decision that makes PNG citizen take the Law into their Hand and we enforces Law again to them,,that must be looked into..we a tired of see offenders walking in freedom,,,This kind of decisions instigate more problems and create troubles.In PNG alone you can kill somebody and work out freely whenever the cash and kind flows…Crazy Law…

  • In this case there a no foreseen threats to the bail conditions so a bail is granted which every citizen is entitled to in the preliminary stages as suspects…

  • How can they walk out freely? This was a murder case. Come on, our law does not match the crime that we commit everyday. Did they think of their families and committed the crime? This is not satisfying at all.

  • Now you twos are thinking about your wife and kids..what about the wife and kids of the one you twos killed ??

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