Two students accused of setting classrooms on fire


TWO students have been identified as the alleged arsonists who set fire to two classrooms at the Dregerhaffen Technical Secondary School, Finschhafen, in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The 17 and 18-year-old boys were in the company of another two boys when police intercepted the group as they were allegedly trying to leave the district by boat.
The four boys were brought to the Gagidu Police Station where they were interviewed on Saturday afternoon, two were allowed to go and the two were detained by police.
Police told The National that the reason for the burning down of the buildings had not been established.
The cost of the building as stated by the school’s administration is about K400,000.
School principal Dagi Kosieng said that the loss of both classrooms would see 150 students affected for the rest of the year.
“We are waiting to see what the school board will say this week when they meet,” he added.
The building was built to be used as a science laboratory in 1972, due to classroom shortage, it was used by students in grade nine.
According to initial police investigations, all students were sharing their farewell dinner in their respective provinces and districts before sitting for the exams when the fire started in one of the empty classrooms.
Several students told police that there was a group who were drinking on the school campus on Friday evening and continued into Saturday when the fire started.
Police are continuing investigation and interviewing suspects.