Two students go into fish farming to pay for school fees


Two primary school students in Enga are going into inland fish farming to help pay for their school fees.
Teenagers Xavier Caspar and Samson Johanis have a common goal: to start a fishery business in their respective villages.
They both attend Wanepap Primary School and will be doing grades six and seven this year.
Johanis, of Kanak council ward four in Lagaip-Porgera, said his grandfather had three fish ponds, all fully stocked with mature fish.
He said he would distribute some to Caspar to start his own fish farm.
“I have advised him (Caspar) to dig ponds at his village near Wanepap so that I will distribute fingerlings to him” Johanis said.
He said that his grandfather, Patrick Panda, had been looking after fish for over 10 years.
Panda wanted to sell out everything because he was getting old.
Johanis said the mature fish were harvested and sold at prices ranging from K10 to K30.
He said his grandfather had given him three ponds, together with fingerlings, which he wanted to share with Caspar.
This is so that both youngsters can farm fish and earn some money to help pay for their school fees, instead of relying on their parents.


  • Wooooh so interesting, at a tender age these boys are thinking BIG!! Am in love, this is what am doing at my back yard . Continue with the same spirit boys you won’t go wrong.

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